Michael Robinson earned a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University in 2002 (Now Thomas Jefferson University). While still attending classes, he honed his skills as a designer while working for the product design studio of Designship and later the Josh Owen Studio in Philadelphia. After graduating with honors, he co-founded Duzéo Product Design where he worked on projects ranging from consumer goods to industrial equipment as well as furniture and lighting. This experience taught Michael that his calling was truly to design furniture. That’s when he decided to leave Duzéo in 2004 to form M Robinson Designs. Michael’s new design company would focus solely on designing furniture. By the age of 25, Michael had designed and licensed his first line of furniture to J. Persing, a contract furniture maker in Red Lion, PA. Although his early success would lay the groundwork for many opportunities to come, he quickly found that the path to becoming a furniture designer would prove to be difficult. In fact, Michael found that there was no easy to way establish himself in the furniture business. It would take many years of hard work, dedication as well as the right connections and a little luck to do so. Needless to say, Michael knew he needed a full time job until he was truly ready to go out on his own once again.

So, in 2005, Michael decided to take a position as an interior designer at Jonns Contemporary Interiors, in Montgomeryville, PA. Although he continued designing furniture in much of his free time, he also began to learn the ins and outs of furniture business. Jonns was a high-end retail furniture store which was known as an early pioneer in selling modern and contemporary furniture. Jonns was also an early member of the CDG (Contemporary Design Group), a group of independent, like-minded, contemporary furniture retailers across the United States. Michael’s early success at Jonns would get him noticed and after one year, he was offered a position as interior designer at Unique Interiors. Unique Interiors was another well-known contemporary furniture store in New Jersey, as well as a competitor of Jonns. At Unique Interiors, they focused primarily on designing complete homes rather than the promotional selling approach of Jonns and Michael saw this new position as an opportunity to grow. In fact, Michael began to truly flourish in this new position and he quickly became the top grossing interior designer and salesperson. He designed countless projects from single rooms up to complete homes as well as one-of-a-kind furniture and window treatments. Through years of hard work and dedication Michael developed a strong following of loyal clients and referrals. This position would ultimately open many doors as it gave Michael the opportunity to truly learn the furniture business and make him the connections he needed to grow his design business. Michael left Unique Interiors in 2021 to focus all of his energies on designing furniture. However, the experiences he had at both Unique Interiors and Jonns continues to be a tremendous influence on his designs. Working with thousands of clients over the course of his 17 years in retail has given Michael a different perspective than many of his peers. He considers the needs of both the client and the factory in each and every aspect of his designs. Michael’s designs have been manufactured by nine companies including Country View Woodworking, Creative Elegance, Crystal Valley WoodworkingJohnston Casuals, J. Persing (Formerly Persing Enterprises)J. Troyer & Company (Formerly Dutch Fireside)LC Direct (AKA – Lacquercraft a division of Sansom Holding Ltd.)RH Yoder & Schwartz Woodworking. Michael believes whole heartedly in the importance of quality and craftsmanship in his furniture as well as his strong desire to manufacture all of his designs right here in the United States. For this reason, many of Michael’s manufacturing partners are Amish builders based in Indiana and Ohio. His work has been featured in many articles, exhibits and notably in the book “Becoming a Product Designer” by Bruce Hannah. He has been nominated for the ISFD Pinnacle Award (Formerly ASFD) on three occasions. Michael resides in Moorestown, NJ with his wife and two daughters.