An Undersea Odyssey

This sophisticated master bedroom has a nautical flair with hand inlaid carpeting and custom made furniture.

When I first met with my client at the start of this project I realized she had very specific needs for this space. Her master bedroom was a large and uninviting room with a sitting area and fireplace at the far end. She wanted to transform the space with all new furniture, carpet, paint and window treatments as well as a custom built wall unit. It would need to display family photos and knickknacks and to house a large flat screen TV with a gaming system. Of course I was happy to oblige.

The main challenge for this design would be finding a finish that would complement the high gloss figured maple and walnut burl veneers on the bedroom furniture we chose. The wrong finish or color would stand out like a sore thumb. That is when I decided to work with my custom cabinet maker to develop a finish that would perfectly complement the space without distracting from the sophisticated look of the room. To address the vastness of the space I worked with another local artisan to design waves of color that would be inlaid into the wall to wall carpet. In the end, the client was thrilled with the outcome I produced and hired me to work on several other rooms in her home.

This floor plan shows the careful arrangement of furniture in the space. The sitting area off the the right features two motorized American Leather Comfort Recliners that are upholstered in a bright blue Ultrasuede. On the opposite wall is a custom designed wall unit in hand painted acrylic. It is designed to complement the bedroom furniture in both form and finish.

Adam Lambert and Elvis rock this home office

What does a custom built home office inspired by music legends look like?

When my client purchased a one-of-a- kind Barbie® designed by Mattel designer Carlyle Nuera at a charity auction, it was more than just a toy. It was the inspiration for her fabulous, custom built, rockin home office.

When I first met with my client at the start of this project, I knew she loved purple but the question I had was how much? In the end she trusted me to find the right balance of color and style in order to create one of the most “Unique” contemporary home office designs anywhere.

Creature Comforts

A modern and colorful family room in Lafayette Hill, PA with creature comforts that are the envy of all.

For this modern family room, my client gave me free reign to design a space that would blow her away. The one caveat was that she needed to have an incredibly comfortable reclining sectional in fabric. Believe it or not finding the right sectional would prove to be a challenge. Finally my client fell in love with the Jesse sectional from Jaymar and we had a starting point.

With the first selection made, it came time to think about color. When I think of a classic contemporary color palette, I immediately think of red and black. She agreed and we began to coordinate all of the furniture and accessories accordingly. I worked with my client to selected amazing furniture pieces custom made in Portugal by Aleal including the Valentino wall unit and nesting tables. I designed cornices to perfectly complement the space and worked with artist Dean Johnson to commission the perfect wall art for the room. I even recruited my local cabinetmaker build the perfect wet bar for the space. In the end, this family room is the envy of all!